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Coming...Saturday September 26th @ 8:15pm




Steve 'Mudflap' McGrew




 'Mudflap' McGrew in action


Steve 'Mudflap' Mcgrew

The Hellbent Southern Gent returns

Steve McGrew has been plying his ‘southern-fried’ humor, since long before it became fashionable, in clubs throughout the country.

He's appeared on Showtime’s ‘Full Frontal Comedy’ and a variety of comedy showcases, including A&E's Evening at the Improv, Showtime's Comedy All Stars, Caroline's Comedy Hour, TNN's Nashville Now, Music City Tonight and Funny Business, VH-1's Stand Up, Stand Up and MTV's Half Hour Comedy Show.

He has opened for many of the top comedy and musical acts of the day, working with entertainers as diverse as Billy Crystal, Sam Kinison, Dolly Parton, B.B. King and The Doobie Brothers and many more.

McGrew’s fast-paced, unconventional style and energetic delivery have led to him being described as a ‘runaway redneck freight train”


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