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Coming Saturday February 13th!


Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald


Damian Griffin

Kevin Fitzgerald

with special guest
Damian Griffin

Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald began his professional comedy career in 1986. Since that time, he has worked at countless clubs and the nation including Las Vegas. Over a nearly 30 year carreer, he has worked alongside some of the top comics of our time, opening for acts like Bob Hope, Larry the Cable Guy, Sinbad, and Lewis Black. He has also opened for musical acts such as Emmy Lou Harris, Randy Travis, and the Neville Brothers.

One of the most popular acts in Comedy Night's history, this is Kevin's 8th appearance at the Back Bowl.

 Opening the show for his first time at the Back Bowl is Damian Griffin. Donít let his baby face fool you, though. He posesses and uncanny ability to parody lifeís many absurdities in a way that takes no prisoners and leaves few standing unscathed. Heís already a veteran of iconic clubs such as the Improv and the Comedy Works and is in high demand throughout the region as a headliner, and nationally as an opener for big shots like Chelsea Handler and Kathleen Madigan.


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